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How Long Does Ancestry DNA Take? Test FAQs

When the topic of an Ancestry DNA test comes up in discussion, people usually have a lot of questions.  One of the most common questions is how long does Ancestry DNA take to send you your test results. 

The answer isn’t as straightforward as a specific number of days or weeks, but if I can have your attention for a few moments, you will know a lot more about how the process works.

In this post, you will explore:

  • What you can learn from your DNA test
  • Test processing times
  • Cost of the test
  • If the Ancestry DNA test is worth it

What Does Ancestry DNA Tell You?

You can learn a lot from your DNA results.  It’s rather amazing!   Ancestry DNA is set up to be a really easy way for you to experience your results, and it is a pretty easy-to-use website. 

Once you submit your saliva sample, you will get an e-mail updating you on the process every step of the way, from the time that it reaches the lab.  When your results are ready, they will send you an e-mail to let you know.

After you log in to your results page, you will be able to learn:

If you also have a subscription to Ancestry, you will be able to:

  • View the public family trees of your DNA matches (to learn how you might be related)

If you have a family tree AND a subscription on Ancestry already, you can also see:

  • Common ancestors with many of your DNA matches (i.e. how you are related to each other)
  • Whether or not you share common surnames with your matches
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How long do Ancestry DNA results take in 2019?

The official answer is that the test should take between 6-8 weeks, counting from the date that they receive your test kit at the lab.  Some people get their results much faster!

I have heard of people getting their Ancestry DNA results in as little as two weeks, with most people only having to wait about four weeks.

Beginning in the first part of 2017, Ancestry’s partnership with Quest Diagnostics, one of the world’s largest diagnostic service providers, came to fruition – they were finally able to begin processing Ancestry DNA test kits.  Any information about processing times from before this date is out-dated, since their capabilities have greatly improved because of this partnership.

How accurate is the Ancestry DNA test?

The Ancestry DNA test is very accurate. In order to verify the test’s accuracy, I have spent years researching my family tree and have had more than a dozen close and extended family members do the test, too.

What have I learned?

Ancestry DNA’s ethnicity estimate can help you understand where your family lived over the past couple of hundred years. My family member’s results very closely match our known family history.

Additionally, Ancestry DNA provides you with a list of exceptionally accurate DNA matches. Since the Ancestry DNA database contains information from more than 14 million other customers, you’ll get lots of matches – more than you will get from any other DNA testing company.

Can you use Ancestry DNA for genealogy?

Ancestry DNA is very useful for genealogy and building a family tree. The Ancestry ethnicity estimate can help guide your research, and DNA matches can provide the verification you need to build your family tree further back.

Is Ancestry DNA Worth It?

Yes, yes, yes!

Even though it might cost you around $100 and you might have to wait as long as 8 weeks (though usually much less!), the Ancestry DNA test is absolutely worth it.

The best part about my Ancestry DNA results is that they are a gift that keeps on giving.  As technology improves, Ancestry DNA uses the latest in scientific research to periodically update ethnicity results – for free.

Using Ancestry DNA,  I found two first cousins to one of my parents that our family never knew about. Plus, I found a close family member’s biological father’s family, and learned more than I could ever have imagined about my family tree.

Because my DNA results are in the database, as more and more people decide to do genetic testing, I can log on and find new matches and new information about my family. I get new matches on an almost daily basis.

This experience – which is sometimes called genetic genealogy – has been fantastic and totally worth it!

How much does the Ancestry DNA test cost?

You can usually buy the Ancestry DNA kit for $99 plus about $10 in shipping and handling.  The kit is usually delivered within just a few days.  I’ve had a kit delivered in three days – it depends on where you live and how busy they are.

You can use this sponsored link to order your Ancestry DNA kit: Discover the story AncestryDNA® can tell.


If you’ve already done the test and are waiting to get your e-mail letting you know that your results are ready, you might be interested in my post about how to understand your results.

Do you have questions about the test?  Are you thinking about taking it yourself?  Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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