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About was established in April, 2017 as a website dedicated to helping anyone who has tested their DNA learn how to understand their DNA results and use the information that they learn to build their family tree. Over the course of the past several years, this website’s content library has grown to include several hundred articles that cover topics from DNA basics to more advanced genealogy subjects.

The content from this website has been cited by many other genealogy experts, scientific textbooks, print magazines, family history newsletters, and has been presented by countless genealogical societies and groups at a variety of conferences and monthly meetings. Articles on this website have been viewed more than 6 million times, helping millions of individual readers all around the world learn about their family’s unique history.

editorial guidelines

Content Integrity and Expertise

All articles and information published on are written with the intention of being 100% unbiased. All of the relationships that this website has in the form of affiliate partnerships are disclosed on the privacy policy and disclosure page.

In addition, the author of this website has used every service or product that is written about personally in their professional capacity. This website does not accept sponsored posts and does not publish articles in exchange for any form of payment, product, or service.

Why trust

In other words, you can trust what you read on this website because the information has been gathered from my own personal experience working on the DNA results and family trees of my family and friends, as well as clients and readers, as well as my own. This also means that all of the experiences that I discuss in relation to websites, products, and services are my own and are not influenced by any outside party.

If you ever have a question about something that you have read on this website in regards to integrity and expertise, please feel free to contact me either directly on the article in question, by using the contact points listed at the bottom of this page, or by e-mailing me at mercedes @

corrections policy

Because all of the content on this site was written by the same person, it is possible that a reader might find an occasional factual error or typing mistake. takes corrections very seriously, so if you find a mistake, please feel free to contact me at mercedes @ (remove the spaces before you send) to let me know.

All of the information published on this site is intended to be factual. Research performed for articles is done according to publishing industry best practices.

Correction suggestions can also be made in the comment section of the article where you have found a mistake. Comments on are monitored, so your suggestion will be seen within 24-48 hours.

The suggested correction will be immediately evaluated. If the correct is deemed to be appropriate, the necessary change will be made as soon as possible.

In addition to making sure that errors are corrected, the same is true for outdated content. Due to the changing landscape in DNA testing technology and genealogy research websites, some content may need to periodically be updated.

While all of the articles on this website are on a rotating schedule for updating, if you find an article that is especially out-of-date, please feel free to contact me. The article will be placed in queue for priority updating at that time.

originality policy

At, originality is a top priority. This means that readers of this website can trust that the content was written by Mercedes Brons in an unbiased and authentic manner.

Many websites have now taken to using computers (i.e. “AI”) to write their content. In fact, you might even be able to find articles that appear very similar to those on this website because other website owners have chosen to re-write articles on using software and publish them as their own.

You can rest assured that every single article published on was written by the main author, Mercedes Brons. Who Are You Made Of does not publish guest posts or use any type of computer software to automatically write, or help write, any articles.

about the author

mercedes brons

I’m Mercedes Brons, and I’ve been learning about genetic genealogy, family tree research, and DNA for many years.  I’ve helped countless people understand their DNA results, find lost family members, and even find biological parents.  It’s my passion!

My writing has been positively referenced on numerous other blogs, forums, podcasts, and even in textbooks. In addition, it has become a resource for genealogical societies and other organizations that help their local communities maintain a connection with their ancestors.

My qualifications and experience

  • Ten years genealogy research experience
  • Seven years autosomal DNA result research background
  • Training in statistical analysis and research methods with B.A. in International Affairs and Masters in Business Administration
  • Six years writing and research experience in the fields of genetic genealogy, anthropology, history, genealogy, family tree research, and other related topics

DNA research tool expertise

  • Testing sites: 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage DNA, Living DNA
  • DNA research methods: Chromosome mapping, chromosome painting, Leeds method, segment triangulation
  • DNA research tools: Gedmatch, DNA Painter, chromosome browsers from testing sites

Research sites and software expertise

  • Genealogy records sites:,,,,,,,, and others
  • Historical research sites:,,,, among others
  • Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPress, Google Docs

Additional areas of expertise

  • Genealogy records for United States, Poland, Mexico, Germany, Slovakia, England, and the Netherlands, all time periods since 1600
  • Cultures and history of Mexico and Spain
  • Politics, geography and history
  • Languages: fluent in English/Spanish

contact details

Facebook: @whoareyoumadeof

Twitter: @whoareyoumadeof

YouTube: @whoareyoumadeof

E-mail: I welcome your e-mails to mercedes @ whoareyoumadeof . com  (just remember to take out the spaces in the email address before you send it)

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