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How to Download Raw DNA Data on Family Tree DNA

I recently got an elderly relative’s DNA test results back from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), and naturally the first thing that I wanted to do was upload his results to Gedmatch.  There are many reasons that you might want to have a file that contains your raw DNA data, and in this post I hope to help you figure out how to download yours from FTDNA.

Hint:  It’s super simple!

How to Download Raw DNA Data On FTDNA

Step One

From your “Dashboard”, or the screen that shows up once you first log in, you will see several options under the Family Finder Heading.   There are four little orange links in the corner of that “box”.  One of them says “Download Raw Data”.  That’s where you should click.  In the image below, you can see exactly where it is on the page:

Step Two

On the next screen, you will see a bunch of different options.  If you know which one you need, just pick it from the list.  Otherwise, for Gedmatch you will need the Build 36 Raw Data Concatenated.  Some people download the Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated for Gedmatch, but their software just converts it to Build 36, so save their servers a load and upload the recommended one, which is Build 36.

In the image below, you can see where in the options Build 36 Raw Data Concatenated is located:

Where is the link to download DNA from Family Tree DNA

The cool thing about the FTDNA data file is that it already has your name (or the name of who the DNA sample belonged to) in the file name.  For someone like me who has several kits to administer, it helps to keep it organized and know whose DNA is in which file.  It’s the little things!

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Step Three

Your computer will probably save your DNA file to your “Downloads” folder, or the default folder.  You will probably want to save it in a place on your computer that you will be able to find again.  If you want, upload it to your cloud storage or keep it on a flash drive to make sure you always have a copy if you need it.

Still need to take a Family Tree DNA test?

If you haven’t yet taken a FTDNA Family Finder test, why not get one today? It’s a high-quality test with quick results, and there is a lot that you can do with your DNA matches and other information learned from your results.

You can get your test using the link below.

Test your DNA using the Family Tree DNA Family Finder test


I hope that this post helped you easily download your data from FTDNA.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comment section.

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