How to Download DNA From Ancestry

If you have received your Ancestry DNA results, you might be interested in learning how to download DNA from Ancestry.  Whether you just want a copy for your records, or want to upload it to sites like Gedmatch to get more information from your results, it’s a good idea to know how it’s done.  In this post, you’ll learn exactly how to download your raw DNA from Ancestry, with step-by-step instructions.

How to Download DNA From Ancestry

How to Download DNA From Ancestry

Step One:  Visit your DNA Results Summary Page

To get started with the process of downloading your DNA from Ancestry, you will need to visit your DNA Results Summary Page, which is also sometimes referred to as the DNA Insights Page.  Basically, it’s just the main page that you see when you log in to your DNA results.  To get to this screen from Ancestry’s home page, you’ll need to click where it says “DNA” on the top navigation menu:

How to get to main DNA results page Ancestry

Step Two:  Access your DNA Test Settings

If you don’t know how to access your DNA test settings, don’t worry.  You can see where to click in the image below.  There are several other things that you can do from your test settings page, so it’s a great thing to know how to access.  There is a little “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner of your DNA Test Results Summary Page.  Click the icon to get to the settings page:

how to access DNA test settings on Ancestry

Step Three:  Click the “Download Raw DNA Data” Button

On the right side of your screen, you will see a button that says “Download Raw DNA”.  You’ll need to click this to let Ancestry know that you want to download your data.

Where is the button to download my Ancestry DNA data

Step Four:  Enter your password, accept the terms and conditions, and click confirm

You will need to enter your account password, and let Ancestry know that you understanding that you are going to be responsible for protecting the security of your DNA data if you download it to your computer.   Then, click the “Confirm” button.

You are taking responsibility for protecting your DNA if you download it to your computer

Step Five:  Wait for the e-mail from Ancestry to download your data

Ancestry wants to make sure that your DNA data is secure, and that not just anyone could download it if they had access to your account.  For this reason, the only way to download the DNA file is through a link that will be contained within an e-mail from Ancestry.   If you have completed the request process correctly, you should see a little message pop like this one:

Waiting for an email from Ancestry to download DNA results

It might take a few hours to receive your e-mail, but it usually comes within several minutes.  It almost never comes right away – so be patient!  Don’t do the process again unless you have already waited a few hours, since you might end up getting multiple e-mails, and if you click on the wrong one, it won’t work and you might have to start all over again.

Step Six:  Open the e-mail from Ancestry, and click on the download link

You’ll receive an e-mail from Ancestry DNA with the subject “Your request to download AncestryDNA raw data”.

Your request to download AncestryDNA raw data

Contained within the e-mail, you’ll see a green button.  It’s a link back to the Ancestry DNA website, where you will then be prompted to click again to download your data.

E-mail to confirm data download from Ancestry

Step Seven:  Click on the Download Raw Data Button

If it seems like you’ve already clicked on a download raw data button several times, you are right.  But this time, it’s the final button!  You are almost there.

The button to really download Ancestry DNA data

Step Eight:  Save your data to your computer

Once you click the download raw data button, you will be prompted to either save or open the file.  Don’t open it!  It won’t make any sense to you, since you aren’t a computer.  Just click “Save”, and the file will automatically save it to where your downloads are usually saved.

How to save Ancestry DNA data to my computer

I like to find my download folder and rename my DNA zip folder to my name, or whoever’s name it is that the DNA belongs to.  This helps with keeping things organized, especially if you have more than one person who lives with you who has done a DNA test (or if you are helping someone else with their result).

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I hope that you found this post helpful!  Once you’ve downloaded your data, you might be interested in this post about free websites where you can upload your DNA to get even more matches and more information from your results.

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