5 Reasons to Take a DNA Test

Are you or someone you know thinking about taking a DNA test? In this post, learn the top five reasons to take a DNA test to learn more about your ancestry.

My husband and I first decided to do our DNA tests back in 2016 on a whim. We had a few questions that we hoped we would find the answers to, but honestly had no idea of all that we would be able to learn through our DNA testing adventure.

The past few years of learning about DNA and exploring our family histories has been very exciting. I hope that the reasons for DNA testing that I have listed in this article inspire you to take the leap and get your DNA test.

5 Reasons to Take a DNA Test

Without further ado, read the top five reasons for testing your DNA below.

You can learn which regions of the world match your DNA

We don’t share DNA with all of our ancestors. However, we DID in inherit portions of DNA from many of our ancestors, and a good DNA test can help you figure out which regions of the world most closely match your DNA.

We share DNA with all of our recent ancestors, which means that the DNA test can provide a helpful snapshot of where our ancestors likely lived within the past few hundred years.

In DNA testing lingo, this aspect of DNA results is called an “ethnicity” or “ancestry” estimate.

The ethnicity estimate is the most popular reason for DNA testing. Many people become interested in DNA testing in order to resolve lingering questions about family stories.

Which family mystery will you solve by doing a DNA test?

You can find some amazing DNA matches

My absolute favorite aspect of DNA test results are the DNA matches. Your DNA match list is made up of people who share identical portions of their DNA with you – your genetic relatives.

These DNA relatives may be closely or distantly related to you. No matter how they are related, each DNA match holds a piece of your family history.

I’ve made family connections, heard family stories, and have formed relationships with family members that I never would have been in touch with otherwise.

Families grow apart, especially when members move far away. Their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and especially great-great grandchildren, often grow up knowing their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins very well.

DNA testing has the potential to bring these relatives together. In my family, it has absolutely done this.

The best part about DNA match lists is that as more people test, more DNA relatives will be added to your list.

A gift that keeps on giving!

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DNA testing can help you build your family tree

Your DNA results are a very valuable tool to help you build your family tree. Whether you are a seasoned genealogist or a beginner, you will find that your DNA results, especially your DNA matches, is a useful tool.

By inspecting your DNA matches, beginning with your closest ones and working towards the more distant relatives, you can determine who your common ancestors are.

You will be able to learn about new ancestors that you have not discovered, and you will be able to add more relatives to your family tree.

Your DNA test can help other people find their families

I was the first person in my immediate family to take a DNA test. Once my relatives saw how much fun I was having, they took tests, too.

During the course of our DNA adventures, we have helped numerous relatives discover their biological origins.

In other words, the action of me taking a DNA test has helped other people learn about their family tree.

Some of these relatives were fairly closely related, like first cousins to my parents who were uncertain of their origins. Others were second and third cousins who never knew much about their ancestry.

There is nothing more gratifying than helping other people.

Your DNA test might lead to a fun new hobby

I had never considered myself to be very interested in genealogy or family history. After I got my DNA results back, I was completely in awe about all that I could learn simply from my DNA matches.

The more I learned, the more exciting it all became. For me, it became a serious hobby and eventually, a business.

I can’t imagine life without DNA testing and genealogy!

Researching my family tree, and using my DNA results whenever possible, has become one of my favorite pastimes. It is mystery, intrigue, suspense, and heartbreak all wrapped up into one hobby, and the best part is that it is my ancestors who are the stars of the show.

Which DNA test is best?

My two favorite DNA tests, which I have taken myself and have recommended to family members, are the Ancestry DNA and 23andMe tests. They are high-quality tests and will help you receive a lot of the benefits of testing that I mentioned in this article.

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I hope that this post has helped you understand some of the amazing things that you can learn from your DNA test. Once you get your test, don’t forget to come back to this site to find articles to help you understand and get the most from your DNA results.

If you have any questions about something that you read here, or if you would like to share other great reasons to take a DNA test, I would love for you to join us in the discussion below.

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