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What is Tier 1 on Gedmatch?

Have you noticed the Tier 1 tools on Gedmatch? In this post, I’ll explain what Tier 1 on Gedmatch is, and help you understand what you can learn from the Tier 1 tools.

You’ll learn:

  • The advantages of Gedmatch Tier 1
  • Which tools are included in Gedmatch Tier 1 tools, as well as details about the tools
  • How long it takes to get access to Gedmatch Tier 1 tools
What is Tier 1 on Gedmatch_

I decided to write this post because the Gedmatch Tier 1 tools have a lot to offer. In fact, some of these tools can help us crack some pretty tough DNA mysteries.

Just so you know, I have no connection with Gedmatch and don’t receive any sort of benefit if you decide to sign up for Tier 1 tools. I just really appreciate Gedmatch and all that I have been able to learn from the site.

What is Tier 1 on Gedmatch?

As you might know, Gedmatch is a site that is generally free to use. Almost everything that you might want to do on the site does not require a subscription, and many people don’t realize that there is a paid subscription level available.

The paid Gedmatch subscription allows you access to Tier 1 tools.

Gedmatch Tier 1 subscriptions cost $10 per month, and help Gedmatch cover the immense costs of maintaining such a popular website.

What are the advantages of Gedmatch Tier 1?

While most of the DNA and genealogy tools on Gedmatch are free, the most advanced tools require a Tier 1 subscription. Many of the Tier 1 tools allow you access to DNA analysis information that you won’t be able to access anywhere else and can save you a lot of time.

Other Tier 1 tools are available for free in limited form, but can be utilized without restriction for subscribers.

For example, the One-to-Many Comparison tool can be used for free to view the first 3,000 DNA matches. With Tier 1, however, you can view up to 100,000 DNA matches, or as many are available at the threshold you set.

Which tools are included with Gedmatch Tier 1

As of August, 2019, there are ten tools that are listed under the Tier 1 section of the Gedmatch dashboard.

Current Tier 1 tools include:

  • One-to-Many DNA Comparison (Beta)
  • Q-Matching One-to-One
  • Segment Search
  • Phasing
  • Triangulation
  • Multiple Kit Analysis
  • Lazarus
  • My Evil Twin
  • Combine Multiple Kits into One Superkit
  • Clusters, Single kit input, basic version

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What are the Tier 1 tools on Gedmatch?

Below are short descriptions of many of the Tier 1 tools on Gedmatch. Each tool can help you learn something new about your DNA and family tree.

What is the One-to-Many DNA Comparison (Beta) on Gedmatch Tier 1?

This tool is similar to the One-to-Many DNA Comparison tool currently in beta (i.e. testing). The main difference is the number of matches that you can search for. As mentioned above, you can search for up to 100,000 available matches and set more criteria for your search than you can using the classic One-to-Many tool.

What is the Q-Matching One-to-One on Gedmatch Tier 1?

The Q-Matching tool can be used to compare your DNA with that of a match. This tool is similar to the regular One-to-One tool, but it uses a special algorithm to allow you to examine the quality of shared DNA segments.

What is the Segment Search on Gedmatch Tier 1?

The matching segment search tool happens to be one of my favorite tools on Gedmatch. In fact, it is typically the main reason that I get a Tier 1 subscription. This tool allows you to search your top few-thousand matches for segments that overlap with each other, allowing you to research groups of matches that theoretically share a common ancestors.

What is the Phasing on Gedmatch Tier 1?

The Gedmatch Phasing tool lets you compare your kit with one or both of your parents in order to create new, phased kits. Phased DNA kits are “new” kits that include only DNA segments that were inherited from either parent and should not contain DNA segments that might be found to be “identical by state” to your DNA matches.

What is Triangulation on Gedmatch Tier 1?

The Gedmatch Triangulation tool can help you create triangulation groups by comparing your DNA to other Gedmatch members, and then comparing those DNA matches with each other. Sorting by segment position can help identify common ancestors among groups, and perhaps help solve some of those tough family mysteries.

My Evil Twin on Gedmatch Tier 1?

An Evil Twin kit contains all of the DNA information that you did not inherit from either of your parents.

If at least one of your parents has done a DNA test and their DNA information is on Gedmatch, you can create an Evil Twin kit. It is most effective when both of your parents have tested because your Evil Twin kit will contain all of the DNA information that you DID NOT inherit from both of your parents.

Combine Multiple Kits into One Superkit on Gedmatch Tier 1?

If you have done multiple DNA tests and have all of your kits on Gedmatch, you can save time and frustration by combining all of your kits into one “superkit”.

How to get access to Tier 1 tools on Gedmatch

It was very easy to sign up for the Tier 1 tools on Gedmatch. At the bottom of your main Gedmatch dashboard, you will see the option to join Tier 1 either for a set time period or on a monthly-auto renewal basis.

To make your payment, you will be transferred to the secure PayPal website. Once the payment is made, you will automatically have access to the Tier 1 tools once you are back on your Gedmatch home page – super easy!

For my own personal needs, I typically sign up for Gedmatch Tier 1 one month at a time. Some months, I use Gedmatch every day, especially when I’m working on a specific DNA project.

When I’m not actively working on my family tree and DNA results, I might skip a few months of my Gedmatch subscription. The way that you choose to do it is completely up to you!


I hope that this post helped you understand more about the Gedmatch Tier 1 program, and how joining might help you learn a lot more from your DNA results.

If you have any questions about something that you read in this post, or if you would like to share what you learned from a Gedmatch Tier 1 tool, I would love for you to join us in the discussion below.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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