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Top 2018 WAYMO Blog Posts: Have You Read Them Yet?

Do you want to know what everyone else is reading on the Who Are You Made of Blog?  If you first ended up at my website through a Google search, there is a good chance that you might have been searching for one of the post topics below, and ended up staying because of another article that caught your interest. 

Top 2018 WAYMO Blog Posts_ Have You Read Them Yet_

Below, find out the most popular posts on Who Are You Made Of so far this year.

What is the Iberian Peninsula DNA Ethnicity?

If you have Iberian Peninsula DNA in your ethnicity estimate results, then you should definitely check out my most popular blog post ever, entitled “What is the Iberian Peninsula DNA Ethnicity.” 

In this post, you’ll learn where Iberian Peninsula DNA is typically found, why it is sometimes found in other parts of Europe, which countries generally have a high number of people with Iberian DNA, and more!  Many people are interested in tracing their Iberian ethnicity, and I also discuss how feasible this is.

Great Britain DNA Ethnicity Explained

It should be no surprise that TONS of people have the Great Britain DNA ethnicity in their DNA results.  In this post, you’ll find out how diverse people from the Great Britain DNA region typically are, why Britain is so diverse, and some suggestions as to how British DNA may have ended up in your family tree.

What is Europe West DNA Ethnicity?

This is sometimes the most confusing DNA ethnicity, since it appears to be a “catch all” for all undefined Western European DNA.   There is a long list of countries whose natives generally show high percentages of Europe West DNA, and in this post, you can find out what they are. 

Plus, learn about major historical events that led to the genetic diversity of Western Europe, and how some of that genetic diversity may have found its way into your DNA results.

Scandinavia DNA Ethnicity

I really loved doing research for this post!  I have about 15% Scandinavian DNA in my results, so I really enjoyed imagining how my ancestors lives might have been, what their lives might have been like, and of course, how I might have come to inherit my Scandinavian DNA (Vikings?  Yikes!). 

In this post, you’ll learn how to figure out whether your Scandinavian DNA is from a recent ancestor, or from someone long ago, plus Scandinavian migration into the rest of Europe, which is how most of us with unknown Scandinavian ancestry likely acquired our DNA from the region.

Does Iberian Peninsula Mean Native American?

This title sometimes strikes people as funny – like, why is it necessary to have an article about this?  Of course you know that the Iberian Peninsula is in Europe and Native Americans are from North and South America, but to find out why people sometimes associate the two incorrectly, you’ll have to read the post.

Europe South DNA Ethnicity on Ancestry

Many people who end up at my blog because they searched for this post topic are researching this ethnicity because they were expecting to find more of it in their DNA ethnicity estimate.  There’s a pretty easy way to spot whether your Europe South ancestry is recent or distant, which I discuss in the post. 

Additionally, you can find out how genetically diverse the Europe South DNA region is, and the effect that this may have on the ethnicity regions that you could expect to inherit from an ancestor who came from this part of the world.

Ancestry Europe East: What does it mean?

Many of my readers are either surprised to find this ethnicity region reported in their ethnicity results, or disappointed that it doesn’t show up as a specific country.  In this post, you can learn why Europe East DNA generally shows up in the broadly Eastern European category, and how to get started tracing your Eastern European ancestors.

Can Siblings Have Different Ancestry DNA Results?

If you and a few siblings have also had your DNA tested, you have probably noticed that your ethnicity results (and even your DNA matches) have some profound differences.  It’s completely normal, and in this post, you will learn exactly why two full siblings will have different results – and could possibly have very different results.

European Jewish Ancestry DNA Ethnicity

European Jewish DNA was a surprise in my own family, and I know that many of my readers were equally surprised to see that some of their DNA showed similarities to DNA found among Eastern European Jewish people. 

In this post, you’ll learn which countries have populations of European Jews, which should give you a good idea of which lines of your family tree you should be searching on to find your European Jewish ancestors.

Ancestry DNA Results:  Hispanic

This has turned out to be one of my favorite topics to write about – Latin American countries are much more diverse than many people believe!  In this post, you’ll learn what someone with Hispanic Heritage might discover on an Ancestry DNA test, along with some discussion about why Native American communities across the continents of North and South America show strong genetic links.

A post that I wish had made it into the top 10?

I know that most of my readers are most interested in my posts about ethnicity, and that’s completely fine with me (if that’s you, I am happy to have you!).  With that said, there is one post that I really wish people would read. 

Many people initially become interested in DNA testing in order to see their ethnicity results, but I really believe that the gems in our DNA results are our DNA matches.  Why?  DNA matches can help us build our family trees, learn much more about our ancestors than we will ever learn from our ethnicity results, and even help us figure out if what we know about our ancestry is true. 

That’s why I want everyone to a) build a family tree and b) use your DNA matches to build it wide.


I hope that you enjoyed this list of my top ten posts so far this year, and that you spotted something that you haven’t read before that might be helpful to you.  If you have any questions about something that you read here, or would like to add your favorite WAYMO post to the discussion (thank you!), I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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