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The articles on this site will help you learn about DNA testing, use your DNA results to learn more about your family’s origins, and build your family tree.  On this page, you can find articles about all sorts of topics in order to help you get started, as well as links to the DNA testing products that I recommend.

DNA Testing Recommendations

I recommend testing with Ancestry DNA or Family Tree DNA.   They are trustworthy companies with reliable results.  If you click the links below, I will get a small commission, but it doesn’t affect your final price at all.  I appreciate you using this link so that way I can keep up this site and bring helpful articles to you – thank you so much!!!

If you are looking for the biggest database of other DNA testers, Ancestry DNA is the best:

Ancestry DNA:  Discover the family story your DNA can tell.

If you are looking for a variety of tests, and a large database of other testers, Family Tree DNA is the way to go:

Family Tree DNA


Family Tree Research

I recommend building a family tree on Ancestry, and hopefully connecting it with your DNA results on that website.  The following link is for a free trial for family records, though it is always free to build your tree (and you won’t lose access to your tree if you cancel your subscription).  Also, I do earn a small commission if you end up subscribing, which is extremely helpful in supporting this website.  Thank you for using it!

Start Your Free Family Tree! 14 Day Free Trial

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