How to Attach DNA to Ancestry Tree – Easiest Way

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In order to get the best results from your Ancestry DNA results, you should  consider attaching your DNA to your family tree on Ancestry.  Even if your tree isn’t completely finished, or even if you only have a few people in your tree, it is worth the few seconds that it takes to do.

If you attach your tree to your DNA, you can:

  • Find out the surnames that you share with your DNA relatives
  • Get “Shared Ancestor Hints”, which is a quick way to find how you are related to your DNA matches
  • Get placed into “DNA Circles”
  • Make it easier for your matches to learn about YOU

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How do you attach your tree on Ancestry to your DNA results?

  1.  First, login to your Ancestry DNA insights page.
  2. On the top left side of the main DNA insights page, you will see a little black icon that says “SETTINGS” by it.  Click on that to open your DNA test settings page.
  3. About halfway down the page (you will probably need to scroll a bit), you will see a “Family Tree Linking” section.  Underneath the section header, there is a grey rectangle that says “LINK TO TREE”.  Click there to go to the linked tree options page.
  4. On the tree linking page, you will see a drop down box where you can choose the tree that you would like to attach to your DNA results.  For those who are new to this, you should attach your results to your best, most complete family tree (but don’t worry too much if you are still building your tree, just pick what you have).
  5. Then, you will be prompted to choose who you are in the family tree.  Type your name in, and then choose yourself.  Sometimes, Ancestry can figure out who you are in the tree, so it will show you who it thinks you are in your tree.  If this happens (and if it is correct), just click “Yes” and it will save automatically.  Otherwise, click “No”, and then you will be given the chance to enter in the correct name and choose the right person.
  6. It should save automatically, but if you are given the option to save, or a final option to attach to tree, click it.

This is an image of where you should click on the DNA Insights page in order to access your DNA Settings:

Where is the DNA Settings Page on Ancestry

In the image below, you will see where you should click from the DNA Settings page in order to access the Tree Linking Page:

How to Add Tree to Ancestry DNA Results


That’s it!  Give the website a few days to analyze your tree if you are looking for shared ancestor hints or DNA Circles.  Otherwise, your tree should be immediately available for comparison when you are searching through your matches.

Thanks so much for visiting!  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.