E-Books for Further Learning

These are the e-books that I have written about genetic genealogy and genealogy, and they are only available for purchase on this site.  They have been created specifically for my beginning readers – those of you who are just getting started on your DNA/genealogy journey.

Your DNA Mystery:  Solved

For beginners, a more in-depth book about building your family tree, Gedmatch, Family Tree DNA, and getting the most from your DNA results.  Learn more

Understand your ethnicity results and DNA matches


Use DNA to Trace Your Mexican Family Tree

Learn how to use the power of information contained within your DNA to learn about your Mexican heritage. Plus, find out how to build your family tree with Mexican genealogical records.

Use DNA to Trace Your Mexican Family Tree


DNA Testing

If you are interested in doing a DNA test to learn about family history or your ethnicity, I recommend the following DNA testing companies.

I have done DNA tests with all of the following companies and feel confident recommending their services. I would never recommend a product that I don’t use and love myself.

If you purchase using the link(s) below, I might receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you. I appreciate you using these links because it helps me support the work that I do on this website, so thanks! You are my hero 🙂

Family Tree Research

Are you going to start working on building your family tree?  Ancestry.com allows you to create a family tree for free, so you don’t necessarily need to have a subscription.  There are, however, some benefits to having a subscription (at least the free trial):

  • Take advantage of “tree hints”; basically, Ancestry notifies you automatically when they find a record that matches someone in your tree.  You can build your tree very quickly this way
  • Information can automatically be added to your tree from other public family trees, or records that Ancestry has on the site.  You can always add information in yourself manually if you can find it somewhere else, but having a subscription does make it much faster and simplified.

If you use the following sponsored link, you can get a two-week free trial on Ancestry – perfect for adding records and documents to your tree:  Ancestry Free Trial

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