DNA Holiday Sales Comparisons: Get a DNA test for as low as $49!

The holiday season is a great time to get a DNA test from the top DNA testing companies at an amazing sale price.  Right now, you can get your DNA tested at some of the most reputable companies for as low as $49.  In this thread, I will compile all of the current holiday sales.  I’ll keep it updated through the end of 2018, complete with links to make it easy for you to choose which DNA test you’d like to get for yourself or for gifts this year.

The companies included in this blog posts are:

  • Ancestry DNA
  • Living DNA
  • 23 and Me
  • Family Tree DNA
  • My Heritage DNA

How to get the Family Tree DNA holiday sale

What’s great about Family Tree DNA?  I like the Family Tree DNA Family Finder results because you get a great ethnicity estimate (called myOrigins on their site) that includes a map where you can see DNA matches that share your ethnicity regions with you.  Your DNA match list also contains lots of information about the DNA that you share with your matches, and you can also compare DNA matches using the Family Tree DNA Chromosome Browser.  Finally, if you decide to do any of the more advanced Y DNA or mtDNA testing offered by FTDNA, you can manage your results from within the same dashboard – it makes life simple.


There is a limited time sale offer at Family Tree DNA, ending December 31,2018.  You can get the Family Finder test (autosomal DNA) for only $49!  This is an excellent price for a really high-quality DNA test.

Their other tests are seriously on sale, too.  Get your Y DNA tests (males only) and your mtDNA (both males and females) for as much as 40% off the regular price.

Link to get the Family Tree DNA tests: (sponsored) Family Tree DNA DNA tests

How to get the Ancestry DNA Holiday Sale

What’s great about Ancestry DNA?  You get access to the largest database of DNA tests which is currently more than 10 million!  Their ethnicity estimate is also among the most accurate in the industry.

Details about the Ancestry DNA November 2018 holiday sale:

  • $59 plus shipping and taxes, plus 40% off other products and services (amazing!)
  • Current offer ends December 24, 2018
  • This is a 40% discount off of the regular price of $99 for the DNA test

Link to get your Ancestry DNA test at this great sale price:Discovery the story AncestryDNA® can tell

How to get the Living DNA holiday sale

What’s great about Living DNA?  This company is new in the US DNA testing market, but they’ve been doing DNA testing in the United Kingdom for several years.  If you have ancestry in the British Isles, definitely look into testing with this company.  Plus, you get your motherline and fatherline (males only) haplogroups included with your results, something you can’t get anywhere else at this price.

Details about the Living DNA November 2018 holiday sale:

  • $69 plus shipping and taxes
  • As of November 27, 2018, there was no end date specified for the sale price, so check it out to see if the sale is still on
  • Limited supplies
  • 30% off regular price

Link to get your Living DNA test at this excellent sale price: (sponsored) Living DNA is the world’s most advanced DNA test!

How to get the 23 and Me holiday sale

What’s great about the 23 and Me ancestry test?  23 and Me has a substantial database of DNA testers, and also provides a very accurate ethnicity estimate which is called the “Ancestry Composition Report”.  My favorite part about this report is that you can adjust the confidence levels of the report to see what happens to your ancestry composition if you want to see speculative or high confidence information.  It’s important to note that the sale price only applies to the regular 23 and Me Ancestry test and does not include the health information that comes with the Health+Ancestry test.

Details about the 23 and Me November 2018 holiday sale:

  • $69 for each DNA test plus shipping and taxes
  • Current offer ends November 27, 2018
  • This is a $30 discount from the regular price for each kit that you order

Link to get the 23 and Me Ancestry test: (sponsored): 23andMe Black Friday Sale

How to get the My Heritage DNA Black Friday Sale

What’s great about My Heritage DNA?  This site is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to use to learn about my DNA.  I enjoy the way their easy, user-friendly interface allows me to explore my DNA results.  Even though my ethnicity estimate on My Heritage differs slightly than my estimate on some of the other sites, I think it is accurate and provides good insight into my family’s roots.  Plus, I can filter and sort my DNA matches in so many ways, including setting my list to only show matches from a particular country.  Finally, their chromosome browser is easy to use and allows for advanced family tree research.

  • $49 plus shipping and taxes, plus use coupon code FREE18 to get free shipping!
  • Offer ends November 27,2018
  • 35% discount off of regular price

Link to get the My Heritage DNA kit:  Order a My Heritage DNA kit


I hope this post helped you figure out which DNA company you’d like to test with and helped you save a few dollars (or more than a few dollars!) on your DNA test.  If you have any questions about something that you read in this post, I’d love to hear from you in the discussion below.

Thanks for stopping by today.  And Happy Holidays!  I can say that, right?  It’s November 3 and they are already playing Christmas music in the stores!

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